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Prayer Calendar - March 2013

Date 03/09/2013
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Description Prayer Calendar - March 2013

    • Space Request Form

      Contact Information
    • Date

    • Name of individual making the request

    • Address

    • Day Phone

    • Evening Phone

    • Purpose for which space is needed

    • Date of event

    • Alternate date

    • Time event starts

    • Approximate hours of affair (include set up and clean up time)

    • Are you a member of Second Baptist Church?

    • Designate Space needed

    • If other please list space you are requesting below

    • If kitchen is being used...

    • Individual responsible for payment of fees

    • Address

    • Day Phone

    • Evening Phone

    • Signature of Applicant *

    • Received by Church Office

    • Date

    • Approved by Elizabeth A. Cox

    • Date

    • Deposit

    • Total

    • Balance Due

    • Section 2

      Special Set-Up
    • Special Set-Up (Without Tables)

    • Number of chairs needed

    • Special Set-Up (With Tables)

    • Number of chairs needed

    • Number of tables needed

    • Equipment Needs (Second Baptist Church Events Only)

    • If you indicated table(s), number*, list how many below

    • If you indicated chair(s), list how many below

    • If you indicated other, list additional equipment needed below

    • Section 3

      Kitchen Use and Food/Supply. Please complete this requisition in order to receive supplies, utilize the kitchen and order food. No one is to use the kitchen for any reason unless approved. This form must be submitted seven (7) days before your event.
    • Date

    • Date Needed

    • Event

    • Auxiliary

    • Anticipated Numbers of Attendees

    • Items *

    • Chairman

    • Approved by

    • Date

    • Section 4

      Event Budget Planning
    • Event

    • Event Chair

    • Date

    • Time

    • Purpose

    • If yes, how much will you charge adults?

    • If yes, how much will you charge children (12 & under)

    • If yes, how much will you charge seniors (over 54)

    • Expected profit amount

    • Please note any special terms or conditions

    • Number of tickets which must be sold to cover all expenses

    • Price which you would charge to cover expenses

    • If there is no charge, how do you expect to cover costs? Please submit a written commitment from donor

    • What additional requests do you anticipate that you will need from Trustees and/or other SBC ministries (e.g., Ushers, Security, Faith & Health, etc)

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