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“All the splendor has departed” Lamentations 1:6

In literally no time at all, the promises of splendor that lay at the foundation of our nation have been annihilated under egomaniacal narcissism,  led by the worst and most wicked president in modern history.  This morning’s public media debacle is the latest of incidents now moving from hundreds to thousands.  Donald Trump withdrew an invitation to the Philadelphia Eagles to appear at the White House.  In a flurry of pomposity and almost ritualistic self-entitlement, this ridiculous action continues to demonstrate the arrogance, short sightedness, divisive and pandering traits of this absolute “divisive” and “offensive” president and leader.  Trump’s statement was so lethargic and intentionally divisive, until he is drawing a line in the sand and saying- “You are on my side- or you are against me and my country.”  The sheer stupidity of Trump and the minions who represent his inner circle, should give us all grave concern.  Trump alluded that the Eagles did not want to come to the White House because of his position that all players should stand for the national anthem.  Throughout the entire season, not one Eagles player failed to stand during the anthem.  Not one.    Someone in that idiotic West Wing should have known that fact.  Or maybe they did and it did not matter.  Whatever the case, Donald Trump has allowed his hateful, racist and discriminatory vision to determine who can and who cannot visit MY White House.  None of us can  be down with such dictatorial behavior and words.  

Trump has also shown himself to be so completely mesmerized by his notion of America, that he is cutting his nose off to spite his face.  Canada, Mexico, the European Union are all astounded with the recent tariffs signed off on by Trump.  Immediate retaliation has already occurred.  However, worse than any economic troubles we might face- is the fact that America may now find itself on its own for the foreseeable future.  In a world that has become as close as your door step, this danger will surely manifest itself in our life time

Next, Donald Trump is showing us his true evil colors and spirit by arguing, “I have the absolute right to PARDON myself....”  He insanely goes on to write, “but why would I do that when I have done nothing wrong?”  But the bait is already there.  This impish, devilish and sick man has already laid the tracks for the locomotive that is surely on its way.  There is no comparison to this frightening and sickening monster who- instead of draining the swamp, has brought his own swamp into the control booth of our nation.  He is the same one who said, “I could stand in the middle of New York City, shoot somebody and get away with it.”  Now, he is under the impression that if he does do so, he can also pardon himself if the courts find him guilty.   Only in America will you find a cadre of scholars, legalists, jurists and barber shop philosophers to agree with the president on this ridiculous notion.  Each of these supporters appear to throw the detailed record of history out the window.  This man has dozens of lawsuits that are pending against him.  This man has been sued, this man gone bankrupt, this man has been found guilty of discrimination in housing.  This man supports racists, denigrates women and makes a mockery of the disabled.  And now- no one appears worried that he has convinced enough people, that he can....and will pardon himself when that day arrives.  

Somehow, perhaps through attrition, in the midst of this madness, we continue to move.  Folks get up and go to work.  And the insane garbage spewer running our nation, is being normalized by nearly everywhere.  But for all those who are unable to speak for themselves- for NFL players whose livelihood and families depend upon their salaries, for the politicians whose livelihood and families depend upon their positions, and for those who simply want to speak but cannot find the words.  Let me speak- This is the worst president, engaged in the worst activity, leading our nation in the worst direction since the signing of the Declaration of Independence!  And it will get worse.  Stay tuned.  But speak up too.  “All the splendor has departed” cries the prophet in Lamentations 1:6.

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