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TUESDAY, JULY 17, 2018


The Last Straw?


I couldn’t sleep last night because I kept seeing the Democracy of my country crushed under the heels of diabolical tyrants in their attempt to rule the world.  Donald, the dim witted “my-way-or-the-highway”, “shooting-from-the-hip”, total lack of preparation and thoughtful reflection, complete lack of authentic history and fact-based evidence, Trump, just traded in the precious liberties of the United States of America.  He did so based upon an instinct.  Vladimir, the shrew, evil incarnate, the strategist who is intent on destroying any nation and ethnic group standing in the way of Russia’s return to world power, Putin, wore Trump like a cheap suit and peddled him like a cheap fiddle.  And of course, our lethargic media outlets offered legitimacy to the notion of a “so-called” Helsinki Summit by reporting as if it was real.

America, this was not a real summit.  It was not news worthy.  It was not a meeting of two of the world’s greatest leaders.  It was not earth shattering or mind boggling.  It was not a display of what occurs when there are open lines of communication.  It was not a show of courage on the part of a raucous and pompous leader or a show of intelligence on the part of a diabolical and sinister dictator.  It was eery....and evil....and altogether dangerous for the billions of people who reside on Mother Earth.  What happened on July 16, 2018 will go down in history as the pivotal day when America lost its right to be a leader of the free world.  We are now just one of dozens of other countries who will be struggling for bits and pieces of power and position in the world.  Yesterday was not strategic.  It was not a carefully crafted plan.  It was not a movement towards gaining authority and power.  It was a sad and disheartening attempt on the part of Donald Trump, to show himself as a great world leader.  My God did he ever fail!

Trump is no great world leader.  He is an embarrassment.  He is a sad caricature of a man incapable of controlling his baser instincts that all revolve around himself; avarice, jealousy, bullying, pathological lying, and an abusive user of everyone around him.  Trump is no great leader.  He is no great businessman.  He is no great deal maker.  He is a diabolical divider, a manipulative egomaniac and the most base and crude public person in modern history.  It is a shame and disgrace that the Republican Party, those who presently control the House and Senate have become pathetically inept and useless pawns who are more concerned with their own electability and headlines, than they are about all of the citizens and residents of the United States.  It is this Party that has allowed a wanton womanizer, a derelict supporter of white nationalism and a mocker of the disabled, to stand side by side with one of the most seismic tyrants today.

Trump took at least five horrific actions yesterday that literally tore asunder, the credibility of our nation in the eyes of the world. 


  1. Trump assailed our justice and intelligence community with negative innuendo, while offering kudos to Putin and Russia.  Make no mistake about it, he did this because he is complicity and directly involved in the ongoing Mueller investigation. 

  2. Trump gave a killer and tyrant a world stage that proffered a heinous “legitimacy” to his role in the world.  There is a reason no other president would have met with a Russian leader, whose country has released nerve gas against its enemies and continues to invade other countries.

  3. Trump showed that his agenda is so personal and so oriented to himself, until it is obvious he is the worst choice for the presidency in our nation’s history.  His talk about Hilary and Obama was both inane and archaic in that the real issue should have been confronting Putin regarding recent indictments against Russians for tampering with our elections.

  4. Trump showed his incredible and paltry weakness to the rest of the world.  This creates potential disaster for our nation on so many counts.  Trump showed himself to be weak morally (continuing to offer lies on the world’s stage) politically (he simply gave our 242 year history as defenders of independence away) and spiritually (he and his wife literally dined with a modern day devil).  

  5. Finally, Trump showed that he is willing to ruin an entire nation as long as there appears to be some personal benefit to himself and his kind.  He desperately needs to be viewed as a strong leader and will do any insane thing to give such an impression. 

The question I have for us all is this; “Where in the hell is the outrage?”  Why is this man not being brought up on charges of treason by a mutually interdependent group of elected officials from the House and Senate?  When is the last straw, the last straw?  Enough already.

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