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MONDAY, MAY 21, 2018



The sitting president of the United States demands a meeting with the FBI, the Justice Department and National the same room, at the same time to discuss information that is potentially germane to the investigation of the sitting president.  Specifically, Deputy Director Rod Rosethein, FBI Director Christopher Wray and Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats met today at the tyrannical twitter demands of the most evil and self-serving president in the history of our nation.  The meeting was under the guise of 45’s anger about a so called infiltration of the Trump Campaign during 2016’s presidential race for the White House.  

I am shocked, dismayed and completely outraged that our nation’s most sensitive secret service agencies were all sitting with this president.  I am only a preacher.  But I do know these agencies are designed to have an independence and freedom that allows each one to pursue justice without becoming completely entangled with the others.  In addition, I also know they are supposed to all work independently and free from any influence of a sitting president.  While we were all doing whatever was on our own agenda today, let me share something with you; any semblance of justice in our nation was flushed down the commode in the Oval Office on May 21st.  Additionally, the very pillars of our Democracy- that have held our nation together during wars, epidemics, a civil war, racism, sexism, xenophobia, homophobia, Islamaphobia and ethnic cleansing- these pillars were hammered to pieces as a small group of white men gathered in the highest office of the land.  

Mark my words.  We will never be the same.  The meeting today was to determine how Trump’s presidency might be saved, as he represents the best hope for white men to remain strategically positioned in political, economic, social and military power.  A sitting president has dictated his own personal policy of justice for the nation and world.  He has demanded that the spotlight be taken off of him, no matter the cost.  He has quietly amassed the full support of every single entity that runs our nation- The Supreme Court, The United States Senate, The House of Representatives, The Military and now the very organizations designed to protect the nation from authoritarians, lunatics, and the most evil people in high places.  That would be the Justice Department, the FBI and National Intelligence.  

Our nation lost its soul the same snake oil salesman who sold it a bill of goods in November, 2016.  Tragically, he has enough bold external support, and enough quiet internal support to drag us all through the very dregs of despair and misery.  Our divided nation will now become more divided.  The poor, women, minorities and all marginalized people will begin seeing their human and civil rights reduced and dismissed.  My African American brothers and sisters, we are in serious peril.  My Latino brothers and sisters, we are in serious peril.  All other brown and dark skinned people, we are in serious peril.  My LGBTQ brothers and sisters, we are now in peril. My poor and underrepresented whites brothers and sisters, we are in peril.   

We did not call him out when he challenged the citizenship of President Obama, we did not call him out when he said that Mexicans were rapists, we did not call him out when he mocked a physically challenged reporter, we did not call him out when he boasted about grabbing women by their private parts, we did not call him out when he lied about the Inauguration attendance, we did not call him out when he brought white nationalists into his administration, we did not call him out when he said some white supremacists in Charlottesville “are good people”, we did not call him out when he said he could stand in Times Square and shoot people without paying the consequences as an insane murderer, we did not call him out when he said African nations and Haiti “are shit hole countries”, we did not call him out during the time he has been sued hundreds of times by hundreds of people, we did not call him out when women from everywhere appeared and named him as a sexual deviant who should be listed as a sex offender, we did not call him out when he called other country’s leaders horrible names.  He is a liar, a tyrant, a bully, and a misogynist racist with no capacity for self control or civility.  And we have watched him grow.  He is your president.  

If you don’t believe any of this, be patient.  He will be coming for you and yours soon. Unbelievable.

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