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The Pastor's Corner

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July 17, 2018: 

The Last Straw? - We cannot remain silent in the face of evil and tyranny.


June 21, 2018: 

In today’s torrential downpour I attended two rallies. Both were in Chicago- St. Peter’s RC Church and the Daly Plaza. Both focused on the unjust immigration actions by our administration. The first one was a room filled with clergy representing the rich mosaic of our diverse nation. The second was this one- fighting for Yesica to be reunited with her family in Evanston. Her Mom Anna spoke and I was humbled to be in her presence. God is, the God of the oppressed.


June 5, 2018: 

“All the splendor has departed” Lamentations 1:6


April 17, 2018: 

Connecting the Dots - Danger is upon us all.


April 13, 2018: 

On Paul Ryan’s flight from responsibility for the hell he has raised


March 8, 2018: 

An Open Letter to Donald Trump- #45


February 27, 2018: 

A Word about Billy Graham upon his death at the age of 99


February 17, 2018: 

The Lorraine Hotel 50 Years Later: dedicated to DorDee Johnson, soldier


January 8, 2018: 

Declaring War on Racism


December 12, 2017: 

There Are “No” Words - An Important Day in Alabama


October 19, 2017: 

General John Kelly, Sir, you Are Absolutely Dead Wrong! - What is Going On With White Men (Part II)


October 9, 2017: 

What is Going On With White Men (Part I)


October 5, 2017: 

First part of, "Killing Brothers"


September 25, 2017: 

Yet Again... - Never be afraid of speaking your mind and expressing your opinion. God gave you a mind and words. Use them.​


August 16, 2017: 

He Cannot Do This


August 4, 2017: 

America, America, America! - On Jefferson Beauregard Sessions, III


August 3, 2017: 

America - Harsh?


July 28, 2017: 

Baltimore then and Baltimore Now - I dare not compare myself to the imitable Harlem Renaissance Poet, Countee Cullen. But I thought this little minute and a half statement was important.


July 13, 2017: 

What Is This? - Feelings about current politics. A little "cussing" in it.


July 3, 2017: 

Tragedy When Tyrants Rule


June 13, 2017: 

Trump’s Cabinet Meeting - An Up Close Glance at Clear and Present Danger


May 5, 2017: 

The terror of May 4th: Striving to be on the right side of God.


March 28, 2017: 

Dear Black America


March 17, 2017: 

"Come Sunday morning..."


February 22, 2017: 

A quick break at #Proctor2017!


February 9, 2017: 

"Somebody ought to say something!"


January 27, 2017: 

So I wrote it and now I've said it. We must make noise, every hour and every day. We can never normalize evil in high places.


December 4, 2016: 

Here is community- Second Baptist, Beth Emet, and others in concert at Beth Emet Synagogue. We are the world. We are Evanston. We are beloved community. You had to be there to understand! Thank you Rev. Vernon Clark and SBC Evanston. And thank you Rabbi London and Cantor Susan. You are all amazing!


August 24, 2016: 

Condensed form of "Killing Brothers." Kind of raw...but it's supposed to be. Please share a thought.


July 17, 2016: 

10:30 worship service at Second Baptist Church of Evanston​


July 10, 2016: 

10:30 worship service at Second Baptist Church of Evanston​


July 8, 2016: 

Prayer vigil


October 27, 2015: 

I'm feeling the struggle today- as an African American man, seeing my young "sister" assaulted in a classroom by a toy police officer. I'm feeling the struggle after Ferguson, Staten Island, Cleveland, Baltimore, Dearborn, Southfield...after Watts and Detroit, after Selma and Montgomery, after Jim Crow and is all here and alive.


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