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Connecting the Dots


Donald Trump by far is the biggest and most public pathological liar in our modern history.  His horrendous shell game and unparalleled ability as the finest snake oil salesman in America and the world, is literally stupendous.  Trump’s capacity to cater to the emotional well spring of anger and hatred among many white Americans, is dangerously powerful.  The anger and hatred should have been dealt with long ago.  America we are at fault, all of us, for allowing a pathological liar, brute, tyrant, misogynist, racist dictator to currently reside at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.  Further, we are responsible for the awful movement of the Republican Party to “settle” into representing neo-Nazis, white supremacists and to have more responsible whites join this seething mass of miserable mess and misery.

America, we did not do our part in addressing the racial divide in our nation and to find ways for overcoming that divide.  Slavery ended after 240 years, while racism lived and found other avenues of expression.  Separate but equal and Jim Crow ended after 100 years, while the growing racism lived and found new avenues of expression.  Civil Rights and Voting Rights laws were instituted, but the racism which by now was deeply rooted in the core and foundation of families, found more outlets for expression.  Racism is as present in 2018 as it was in 1919, 1819, 1719 and and 1619 when it was related to skin color.  Today, the color of skin remains a center of racism, but it now includes any group who is brown and yellow, not just those out of the African Diaspora.  Racism has branched out to include a host of its offspring; anti-Semitism, homophobia, sexism, classism, etc.  

Donald Trump stands on top of this large pile of waste, refuse and rubbish that joins together to create a swampland of hatred, prejudice, bias and uncontrollable anger against any one who is “other.”  It is more evident with each increasing day.  Women of all hues and ethnicities have been the target of this evil man’s vitriol.  Countries whose populations are of people with brown, yellow and black skin have been the target of this evil man’s archaic ignorance.  People with disabilities have been assaulted by the ungodly and evil attacks of this man’s ideology.  

Connecting the dots should not be so hard.  Perhaps it should be more like, connecting the dunces.  Trump’s neanderthal, ideological pedagogy, possesses tentacles that reaches out to the judicial system (from the Attorney General to his personal lawyer) to the legislative system (from the Speaker of the House to the U.S. Senate) to Executive appointees (HUD, Education, VA, you choose) to world allies (Russia, for God’s sake).  You see, everything here is connected to this idiot whose centrality it appears, must be all costs.  To learn that Sean Hannity was the third client of Michael Cohen confirms beyond the shadow of a doubt that this is not a game.  This is a tactical, shrewd, obsessed and most frightening movement to control the resources of the world.  More importantly, it is to reduce control of these resources from countries and people of color, women, the LGBTQ community and any other vulnerable marginalized groups.  

Damn.  World domination stuff.  In America.  2018.  When I tell you this will not go gently into that good night....  it cannot.  Because when the covers come all the way off, everyone and their Momma will be exposed.  So be it.  Maybe then we can get to the starting point of eradicating, killing and destroying the monster of racism.  Let a new earth rise.  Let a new race of men and women come into being- the human race, together building Beloved Community.

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