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The Second Baptist Church of Evanston welcomes you to our website.  As you review information about us, we are blessed that you have entered into “A Church that Matters.”


Since 1882, Second Baptist Church has shined brightly as a cosmopolitan center, reaching out to a diverse community of people in Evanston, the North Shore and the city of Chicago.  We are proud to be a historic, Christ-centered, relevant people who believe in “the priesthood of all believers.”  Leadership has been a historical hallmark of our church.  We deeply believe in the critical merging of church and community, faith and knowledge, ministry and mission, worship and service, and preaching-teaching in our sanctuary and empowering in our neighborhoods.  We also believe in faith, freedom, and fellowship as benchmarks of our commitment to God and community.


Most recently, we have established the Maximizing Ministry, which encompasses all of our programs and services.  They include; 1) Children, Youth and Teens Ministry, 2) Family Ministry, 3) Christian Education Ministry, 4) Christian Mission Ministry, 5) Worship and Theater Arts Ministry, 6) Health & Wellness Ministry, and 7) Office of the Pastor Ministry.  We encourage every member to select the area where his/her gift may best be utilized for God, Second Baptist and the community. 


We invite you to join our faith, freedom, and fellowship as we seek to address modern day issues through personal and spiritual growth.  Consider visiting our praise and worship services.  For the times in which we live, we are very proud to be “a church that matters.”


Blessings and Grace,


Reverend Dr. Michael C. R. Nabors


Pastor Nabors & Family
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